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Starting Sunday, July 19th

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If you-


♦ Are plagued by fears of marrying the wrong man or a man who will lose interest in you, or of not being able to succeed in marriage ⇒ In Second Rungs you will learn the tools you need to be a great wife whom no husband would ever choose to leave.


♦ Are frustrated trying to get your date to communicate ⇒ In Second Rungs you will learn how to get an uncommunicative man to open up.


♦ Have fears associated with marriage ⇒ In Second Rungs you will learn how to deal with them.


♦ Feel powerless to make your marriage succeed ⇒ In Second Rungs you will learn the basic tools that the married women in Sara Yoheved Rigler's acclaimed Marriage Workshop rave about.


In Second Rungs you'll hear recorded dramatizations of real-life man-woman situations, both the "wrong" way and the "right" way.




redextrabonusBonus #1 Extra 30 min meeting on Tisha B'Av. redextrabonusBonus #2 Hour-long audio lecture "Getting Rid of Sadness and Guilt" by Sara Yoheved Rigler. redextrabonusBonus #3 Special Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur articles by Sara Yoheved Rigler that will enrich your holidays. redextrabonusBonus #4 You can email Mrs. Rigler any questions you have and get a personal response ASAP (hopefully within a week). Extra-Bonus-NLP-Planet-YELLOWMega Bonus Mrs. Rigler's bestselling book 'G-d Winked' as an E-Book

Second Rungs consists of 7 one-hour meetings. 


You will recive the video recording every Monday.


Second Rungs will be more interactive as far as questions and specific advice.


This is your chance to overcome your fears and get through your personal issues with Sara Yoheved Rigler's help and guidance. 

the ladder for singels