Ladder 2

the ladder for singels

Yes, I am ready to join Sara Yoheved Rigler on this 10-week journey and:

 Improve my life.

 Get answers for my questions.

✔ Become the kind of person men want to marry.

✔ Become happy and fulfilled in my present life.

 Raise my self-esteem and self-confidence.

 Gain life skills that will make me a better date

 Explode the "Three Fallacies" that mislead single women.


Women who've done The Ladder say:

"Many thanks for a great course. I enjoyed it and am continuing to work on myself and become a better person. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to join the course and helping me grow."

"I enjoyed the meetings and looked forward to the time we spend together. Sara Yoochevd Rigler is a wonderful speaker and excellent communicator."

"Waking up to Mrs. Rigler's spiritual workshop each Sunday morning, teaching us tools to be happier now, date better and have a great marriage has been a real gift.  It has been a wonderful community experience. I feel so grateful to have been part of it."

"I getting married!  To a great man, who is more than I asked for (of all the good bits). Thank you for the Ladder workshops! They have really helped me work on myself to be open and available to the right man."

"The ladder has definitely changed me. It has helped me have a better relationship with myself and with others."

the ladder for singels